Joshua Benziger


Phone: 209-602-3035

Job Title: Youth Pastor

Hometown: Oakdale, CA

Family: My wife Jocelyn and our soft coated wheaten terrier puppy Roxy

Describe your job
Challenging, strenghten and equiping students to discover, start or grow their relationship with Jesus.


Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry

I've seen countless students experience God's love and acceptance for the first time.  That love begins to mold and take those students from miniumal impact to radically changing the community in which they live.  

This or that?

Beach or mountains?

Both, when are we going?

Coffee or tea?

Meh - If I have to choose then tea but it musted be iced

Early bird or night owl?

Both - I need to learn to nap

PC or Mac?

Tough one. I build PC's but I love my iphone.

Ice Cream or FroYo?
Ice Cream - Like this is even a real tough question.



In my free time I enjoy… 
Board and card games, watching/playing sports and music

Favorite spot in Oakdale area?
On the river or many lakes surrounding us, but Yosemite is pretty awesome.

One place I’ve always wanted to visit is…
Australia or Alaska

The best movie of all time is clearly…
The Prince Bride - Inconceivable 

The famous person I most clearly resemble is…
Nobody but I wouldn't mind looking like Dwayne Johnson