Covid-19 Update -Re-opening Information

Last Updated on 5-24-20

Living Hope Re-open Update!


After 10 Sundays of “Church On-line,” we are opening our doors for Sunday morning worship together beginning 5/31! Below are our initial guidelines and protocols as we re-open…




We will arrange seating to provide distance from one another. Couples and families are free to move chairs closer to one another. We ask that with non-family members, you respect others who may not yet be comfortable with physical closeness/contact. We ask that you avoid congregating in the entry hallway, before and after service, as it is narrow and would compromise distancing.




Bathrooms, door handles and other commonly touched items will be disinfected each Sunday, prior to our gathering. Additionally, we will have hand sanitizer available (or bring your own), as well as bleach wipes available in the bathrooms, which you may use to sanitize stalls in the bathroom prior to use. We are not requiring masks, however you are free to wear your own should you choose to.




We ask that if your child is running a fever, that he/she remain home with you. For the safety of all, children’s temperature will be taken as they enter, with a non-touch infrared thermometer. Children with temperature higher than 99.8 should be taken home. Children in the nursery will be given one toy at a time to play with. After using, it will be removed from use and not reused until properly sanitized. Pre-K and grade school age groups children will spend the majority of the morning outside (weather permitting) and to best of our ability, kept physically distanced while in the classroom.




Will not be served until a later date. You are welcome to bring your own coffee from home in cups with lids!


We’re conscientious in our efforts to balance our liberty to worship along with being sensible and cautious regarding safety. Initially as we gather, here are some changes you’ll notice…


  • Shorter service, we’re attempting to hold service length to 1 hour.

  • No offering plates passed, you may place your offering envelope in boxes located on back wall of sanctuary or online.

  • Children will remain in the adult service through the entire song set.

  • As mentioned above, coffee and donuts will not be served (hopefully that will change soon!)

  • Weekly bulletin will not be distributed, but you can stay informed via our website:




I realize we all have our own thoughts and views regarding how real the Covid-19 threat is. In my conversations with many of you, I know some are very concerned while others are not. More important than where you stand on the issue is your love, respect and attitude toward others…especially those who do not share your view. Since the beginning of the church 2000 years ago, Christ-followers have faced challenges that required solutions. With each challenge, the church was given a choice to either work together in unity or to work against each other and divide. Sadly, there has been too much of the latter over the centuries. We at Living Hope, perhaps more so than in any other challenge in our history, are at a crossroad of a fabulous opportunity. An opportunity to let the world know, that by our love, we are Jesus’ disciples! Let’s decide now, to honor and respect one another. Let’s decide now, to be kind and gracious, regardless our differing views over: wearing masks, shaking hands, keeping physically distant, or any other Covid-19 issue. As the Apostle Paul said…


Be faithful to guard the sweet harmony of the

Holy Spirit among you in the bonds of peace, Ephesians 4:3


For Living Hopers who will remain sheltering in place, we are working to have live streaming of the weekly sermon available for you at approximately 10:30a.m. on Sunday mornings. You may also view the sermon at our website ( We usually have it up for viewing by Tuesday following each Sunday message.

I can't wait to gather on 5/31! The leadership team and I remain vigilant in our prayers to see and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying to us, and to adapt to His leading. I will keep you posted!


If you have questions or concerns, please contact me!


Love and blessings to you!





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