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Covid-19 Update

Last Updated on 3-19-20

Dear Living Hope Family,

No doubt you have been following the rapid changes occurring as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. It is impacting every area of life, including our church family. The primary change has to do with the Federal Guidelines on Gathering as well as Stanislaus County Public Health Services orders—both of which have received widespread attention. In this update, I’ll underscore the changes to our latest ministry plan for Living Hope. Here are the big headlines for you to take in:

•   Effective immediately, we will suspend all ministry activity at our campus through mid-May.  That means no ministries or groups will meet in our building during that time.  This date could change, depending on a variety of factors.  Please stay tuned for updates.  As soon as we have them, we will make them available.

•   We are welcoming everyone to join our Sunday Services online.  We want you to be able to stay connected spiritually, get prayer, give and much more in the safety of your home.  Based on what the President stated on March 16th, our online services will likely be the only way we can come together until mid-May.  This date could change, depending on a variety of factors. We are working hard toward developing a “streaming” live service, with the goal of having that up and ready for Easter Sunday. For now, we are pre-recording sermons, prayer and personal greetings, which will be available for you to view, as if we were live! We are also working to receive online prayer requests, as well as online giving from the website as well. As soon as we have them in place, we will make them available. Please stay tuned for updates found on our website:

•   We are no longer encouraging people to meet face to face in Small Groups.  We are asking our members to carefully observe the gathering orders of the Stanislaus County Health Services Department. It has long been our policy to give our small groups a high level of autonomy regarding when and where they gather, choices in Bible study and whatever else is best suited for their group. Along that same principle, we are ultimately leaving it up to each group to decide what is best for themselves. Please contact your group leader with questions and/or information about your group.


At Living Hope, we have always known that the church is about relationships, not buildings.  For that reason, we are asking everyone to think creatively and stay connected with each other. Our Small Groups can meet by phone and other electronic means where they can, so we encourage you to stay connected with your group or community as you are able. Your leaders will be a good source of information and ministry as things develop. Group leader’s names are on the website under the “Connect” tab.


During this difficult time, we can either surrender to fear and isolation, or we can rise up in faith together and live boldly for Jesus.  We want you to shake off your fears, trust God for your needs, and draw near to Jesus.  If you need support, we are always here for you.  You can reach us through the website or by calling/texting me, Colleen or any of the leadership team.  Our social media feeds will be the most up-to-date sources of information on a day-to-day basis.

We love each and every one of you, please let us know what you need, we are here to serve you! Also, please be sure to tune in this Sunday at 10 a.m. I have prepared a special message of hope and reassurance!

Pastors Barry and Colleen, along with the Living Hope Leadership Team

Barry – (209) 404-0134

Colleen – (209) 404-4673

Josh Benziger (209) 602-3035

Amanda Muller (209) 996-6016

Derek Muller (209) 247-0731

Brenda Borrell (209) 639-2876

Dennis Borrell (209) 639-2875

Rod Harmelink (209) 996-5838

Mike “Coop” Cooper (209) 449-6832